why choose tlw as your trade led lighting supplierAs a leading LED lighting manufacturer, TLW provides furniture lighting solutions and provides products as a trade LED lighting supplier to the KBB market. We’ve pulled together an exciting list on the reasons why you should choose us as your trade lighting supplier.

High quality products

TLW is committed to excellence in its products. All our products are high quality, and we are constantly continuing to improve our products. If you feel a product does not meet these high standards, we will be happy to refund or replace it. 

Excellent customer service

TLW is well known for its fantastic customer service. We are always on hand to help with products, and we have a multitude of videos on how to work our products featured on our VEWtube channel. We pride ourselves on our great service that if we don’t have the right product for you, we will find a product that fits your requirements or needs.


Our staff are knowledge in LED lighting. We know how our products are manufactured, installed and work, so if you have any issues, you cans imply get in touch. If you are working with a CAD design for a customer’s room, we can help provide lighting that will fit around the design provided.

Innovative lighting solutions

TLW is constantly searching for the next innovative lighting solutions that can be offered to our clients and customers. We were one of the first companies to offer smart lighting solutions via our VEWsmart system and app. Our motorised pop-up socket is one of the best pop-up sockets on the market offering automatic pop-up alongside Bluetooth speaker and Wireless charging.


We can offer training to you and your staff. One of our fantastic unique selling points is that we can offer training on LED lighting, our products and how or where they can be installed. The TLW office has its own showroom to help with training on site. Alternatively, we can offer virtual training via video call.

Environmentally friendly

We do all we can to limit our impact on the environment as a trade lighting supplier and manufacturer. We try to use reusable packaging that can be returned to us after delivery. We also use the right vehicle for the job. Ensuring our own TLW vans are used instead of lorries if deliveries are smaller.

Expansive warehouse

TLW owns an expansive warehouse that covers 20,000 square feet. The warehouse can be used to store products until they are required or hold products in bulk before they are dispatched.

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