Where can I find useful videos about LED lighting?

Published On: 30th July 2018
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There are many common questions that arise when talking about LED lighting, whether that’s around LEDs themselves, installing them, setting them up, controlling them or using them; we’ve heard them all. Over the years, here at TLW, we have come to realise that one of the most important qualities of our company is that we are always here to help. That’s why we launched our VEWtube channel. There, you will find loads of helpful guides on all the topics you could think of surrounding LED lighting.

The VEWtube channel is continuously updated with new video content. We listen to the questions that you have to ask and that then guides us on what videos we need to produce. There are no questions too simple, too technical, too long or too short; we’re happy to hear them all!

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We are now very excited to announce that all the great content that is available on VEWtube is now also on our website, along with all the other helpful downloads, FAQs and contact details that live within our help and support page.

Just go to our website and go to videos!

We would absolutely love to hear from you if you have any suggestions of videos you’d like to see. It could be a question you have about the company, about LEDs, an installation difficulty you’d like to see shown to you step by step; whatever you need help with! We will review these and if they can be done we will try to get onto it as soon as we can.

Please go to this page and fill in your requests. We look forward to reading your suggestions.

For all other queries please contact the TLW team on 01302 741941, visit our VEWtube channel for informative videos, or email us here

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