what to do with led tapes and appliancesWhat you need to do with LED tapes and appliances differs depending on whether the kitchen has integrated or non-integrated appliances. We’ve broken down the two scenarios to assist with how to install LED tapes in each kitchen.

Integrated appliances

Most kitchens that have been installed in the last few years include integrated appliances. If a kitchen features integrated appliances, the easy way to install LED tapes or strip lighting is to install it on the plinth.

Any appliance that requires the plinth to have a cut out section will pose a challenge when strip lighting is desired.

Some appliances feature a door mechanism that does not require a cut out on the plinth and therefore LED strip can be fitted as normal. TLW’s Dotless Sideview LED tape is particularly effective as plinth lighting.

Where the plinth has been cut away a spot lighting effect can be easily added or a side emitting LED strip stuck to face of the plinth is another solution.

Non-integrated appliances

In non-integrated appliance situations, the appliances may force a break in the plinth which means the sections either side of the appliance will need to be treated as separate lengths of lighting.

Where a normal size plinth has been used, strip or spot lighting can be added with ease.

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