In 2019 it is reported that 1.3 billion people visit YouTube a day with an average of 5 billion YouTube videos watched every single day! It’s no wonder then that a huge majority of consumers and businesses are finding out important product and company information by watching videos.

That’s why the team here at TLW have spent the last 10 months creating over 140 new videos for our customers!

And just this past fortnight we have uploaded 8 new videos, including:

A guide to connecting the VEWsmart Home System to an Amazon Alexa.

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A brand new guide teaching you how to set up lighting groups on the Amazon Alexa using the VEWsmart Home System.

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A video explaining all about our Colour Temperature Lighting Configurator

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A longer video sharing our guide to the do’s and don’ts of planning LED lighting.

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A quick shot of the Sabre Drawer light in action, showing you how the light and the IR sensor work insitu.

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The reason we decided to set up our VEWtube channel is because a lot of customers were giving us feedback about the buying and selling process of our lighting, saying that the products are high quality and the purchasing process was simple, but that they felt they needed support to understand which products to buy and why each one was different. Other customers felt they would like to know more about LED lighting in order to feel completely confident when selling lighting to their own customers. This feedback lead us to focus heavily on video. We created a fully equipped in-house recording studio, allowing us to create bespoke video content quickly and be fully in control of the process. If any of our customers need some guidance on setting up a product, for example, we can create the video and have it ready for them to use in no time.

Since setting the VEWtube channel in April we have filled the page with over 140 videos, releasing several new additions a week on many occasions.

We now have a video for almost every VEW lighting product that we sell, meaning all our customers can learn more about the specification and features of the product before they make a purchasing decision. We also have a number of ‘how-to’ guides, installation examples, set up tutorials and LED lighting guides.

So please head over to the VEWtube channel and subscribe to be the first to see all of the new videos that will be coming soon!

For more information please contact 01302 741941 or email us at [email protected].

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