Smart home systems are making our lives easier in many ways. According to Smart Home Week, 57% of British homes contain at least one smart home device.

Lighting is one of the latest home systems to get the smart treatment. TLW’s VEWsmart system is our smart lighting offering which can be used throughout your home to turn on/off or dim your lighting using your Philips Hue, Google Home* or Amazon devices or via the VEWsmart APP.

VEWsmart APP

The VEWsmart APP is available on the Google Play and iTunes store. The VEWsmart APP can help you dim and control your lighting at the click and swipe of a button on your Android phone or iPhone.

Links with Philips Hue and Amazon Zigbee Smart Devices

The VEWsmart links up with the Philips Hue (*which helps connect with the Google Home) and a range of Amazon Zigbee compatible devices. The Amazon Zigbee devices include Amazon Echo Studio, Amazon Echo 4th generation (smart home hub), Amazon Plus (1st, 2nd and 3rd generation), Amazon Show 2nd generation (smart home hub) and Amazon Echo Show 3rd generation.

Watch our video on which Amazon smart devices are compatible with VEWsmart

Turn on and off lighting

The VEWsmart system can be used to turn on and off lighting in your home using smart connected devices or the VEWsmart APP. Using your smart device, you can simply tell Alexa or Google* to turn on a specific room or section of a room’s lighting (e.g. plinth lighting).

Dim lighting

You can also dim your lighting via the VEWsmart system using smart devices or the VEWsmart APP. Using your smart device, you can simply tell Alexa or Google* to dim the lighting in a room (such as the kitchen) or a segment of a room’s lighting (such as the ceiling lighting).

If you have any questions about our VEWsmart system, please view our VEWsmart FAQs. If you still have questions, please contact our customer service team on [email protected] or 01302 741941.

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