The Rise and Rise of LED Tape

Published On: 6th November 2017
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The unremitting increase in demand for LED tape has not surprised anyone here at LED lighting manufacturer TLW | The Lightworks – we know what it’s capable of. LED tape offers ultimate flexibility and can provide an effective solution for so many different areas within a residential or commercial property.

The correct application of LED tape can totally transform a space or a piece of furniture to produce something quite spectacular. Whilst the incorrect use can do the opposite and leave an undesired finish which could spoil a brand new kitchen install for example.

We’re now experiencing a growing trend of people taking lighting design serious – we’re delighted that our message is getting through! And we’re seeing great examples of innovation with many niches and alcoves being subtly lit to create an atmosphere within a space or room.

The VEW range of LED tape is the perfect solution for providing accent, ambient and task lighting both in modern and traditional environments. We have a broad offering that includes: non-IP rated, IP rated, side-emitting, RGB and colour changing versions. Installation is a breeze featuring a simple plug and play connection to an appropriate 12v driver.

Did you know that we have developed an exceptional bespoke service where we will make up aluminium profile and LED tape to your exact requirements? This popular service saves on your labour costs and material wastage whilst giving you more time to look after your customers.

With an ever-growing range of high quality LED tape we are able to offer you and your customers one of the largest collections available in the KBB industry. This is all backed up with an exceptional level of customer service to ensure you’re getting the very best value for money.

Please contact the friendly TLW team on 01302 741941 to learn more about our LED tape or email us your requirements.

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