our most popular led lighting blogsLED lighting manufacturer TLW prides itself on providing advice and guides to help our existing and potential customers understand lighting. Our blog is an amazing resource for lighting advice, and we’ve pulled together a list of our ten most popular LED lighting blog articles.

A guide to spacing spotlights

If you are looking to space spotlights in your home, our blog article guide on spacing your spotlights  and accompanying video will help. The guide explains how under cabinet lighting, plinth lighting and ceiling lights need to spaced out, the best practices suggested as well as providing installation examples.

How do I work out which driver I need for my LED lighting

Choosing the correct LED driver for your lighting can be daunting so this guide on how to work out which driver is needed for LED lighting makes a complex process straight-forward. The guide explains how to work out what driver is required based on the wattage of the lights selected and the quantity of lights required.

A guide to single and multi-zone lighting control

As lighting control can be overwhelming, this guide to single and multi-zone lighting will assist with understanding the options available for single zones or multi-zones. The blog also features a useful video on the topic.

What are the differences between task and ambient lighting

There are a lot of lighting terms which are often not explained properly. Task and ambient lighting are often not understood or explained, but they are essential for the lighting scheme in your home. Our blog guide on the differences between task and ambient lighting will explain the terms in detail.

How do I sync a RGB colour adjustable LED tape to a remote control

RGB LED tape is fun and creative to use in the home, especially when used with easy to use lighting controls such as remotes. We’ve provided a guide on how a RGB LED tape can be synced to a remote control and useful accompanying video to help with setting it up.

Wardrobe light guide

Wardrobe lighting can make your daily routine a lot easier by brightening up your internal storage. Our Q&A with Business Development Manager Daniel Hughes covers the wardrobe lighting, and the lighting control options available. Read our wardrobe lighting guide.

How many LED drivers do I need

It is important to work out how many LED drivers are required to power your LED lighting in your home. Our video and blog will help with the question of how many LED drivers do I need when lights are in separate areas, there are multiple lights and the lights have high wattages..

What are IP ratings

We’ve always been told that electricity and water do not mix so installing LED lighting in the bathroom can be a difficult task. Our blog and video guide on IP ratings and IP zones explains from the start what IP is, the ratings for solid objects and moisture as well as the zones in the bathroom.

Example of good versus bad LED lighting

There’s nothing worse than installing bad lighting into your home. We’ve provided an example of bad versus good LED lighting in our blog and video. The images in the article show a clear difference in the quality of the light provided by SMD and COB technologies.

The dos and don’ts of planning LED lighting

Lighting is important in the home. We’ve pulled together a list of the do’s and don’ts for planning LED lighting in your home.

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