how safe is led lightingThere are many false claims that LED lighting is not safe. From LEDs being toxic to LEDs are bad for sleep, there are many false claims about LED lighting can be easily debunked. We’ve pulled together the facts on how LED lighting is safe for you, your family, and home.

Toxic materials

LED bulbs do not contain any toxic or hazardous materials. Fluorescent bulbs contain mercury which is where this misleading claim may have originated from.

Sleeping problems

Blue or bright lighting can impact the body’s circadian rhythms making it harder to fall asleep at bedtime. Colour temperature selectable LED lighting is actually ideal for the home as it can mimic the colour temperatures provided by the sun and can be changed throughout the day to help with sleep. It is recommended that warm white is used before bedtime, instead of cool white or daylight as these provide bluer light.

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LED lights themselves do not cause headaches as they provide a similar level of lighting as traditional bulbs but with lower energy consumption. The cause of headaches while using LED lighting are said to be caused by flickering. LED lights flickering can be resolved by bulbs being replaced or choosing the correct bulb for the fixture or control system.

Bad for eyes

LED screens such as mobile phone screens emit the blue light that can be bad for your eyes. LED lights do not emit enough blue light at high intensity for long periods of time.

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