guide to drawer lightingIdeal for kitchens and bedrooms, drawer lights are indispensable in drawers that have limited lighting. We’ve pulled together a guide to help you understand how useful drawer lights can be.

What are drawer lights?

Drawer lights are lights that can be used in pan drawers, deep drawers, chest of drawers and dressers. These lights provide extra lighting to help people find the required items.

Types of drawer lights

Battery powered

The TLW rechargeable bar light is a battery or lithium light that can be recharged using a USB charging lead. The light comes with a built-in PIR sensor.

12V powered

There are two 12V powered lights available with IR sensors that activate when a drawer or door is opened and deactivate when the drawer or door is closed. The aluminium constructed Koncept door light and Sabre drawer light are available in a range of lengths and wattages to suit the required drawer.

Benefits of drawer lights

Beautiful aesthetic

The drawer lights provide a beautiful aesthetic by lighting up your belongings.

Light up dark drawers

The drawer lights are great to light up dark drawers, including pan drawers and deep drawers.

Find important items

People will be able to find important items using the drawer lighting.

Helps people with vision problems

Drawer lights will help people with vision problems as these provide additional lighting in places that are traditionally dark.

How to install drawer lights

The battery light can be retro fitted after the drawers are installed. The bar light can be fitted in place using 3M VHB adhesive tape or small magnets that are screwed into place. This means the bar light can be removed for easy recharging.

The 12V lights need to be installed prior to completion of the furniture to ensure they can use mains electricity via a 12V driver. The lights can be installed using brackets or mounting plates with screws.

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