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Guide to Cabinet Lighting

guide to cabinet lighting

Cabinet light is ideal as task lighting in the kitchen, bedroom or bathroom. You can illuminate kitchen worktops for food preparation, stage beautiful cabinets and light up dark corners with cabinet lights. Cabinet lighting areas The cabinet areas that lighting can be installed in include the following:- Under cabinet Under cabinet lighting is primary used [Read More…]

How does LED Lighting affect paint colour?

how does led lighting affect paint colour 2

There are many ways that LED lighting affects the room it is in, but one of the main factors involved comes down to the colour temperature of a light. Colour temperature is measured in kelvins. The lower the kelvin the warmer the light, the higher the kelvin the cooler the light. The colour temperature of [Read More…]

What is LM in LED lighting?

what does lm mean in led lighting

A very common question that we are asked is what does lm mean in LED lighting terminology?   Lm stands for lumens. Lumens is the measurement of brightness that an LED product gives out as perceived by the human eye. So, essentially, how bright a light is. It is important to consider the lumen output [Read More…]

Just moved into a new house? Remember to update your lighting

Moved house? Update your lighting

If you have just moved or you are looking to move into your next home, lighting is essential to make the most of your time inside and help it feel like home, especially while we are still in lockdown. Step 1: Assess the current lighting in the house The first things to do with a [Read More…]

A guide to bedroom lighting

Guide to bedroom lighting

 Lighting a bedroom correctly and effectively can make a huge difference to daily life and sleep. The right lighting in this space can positively impact circadian rhythms, make the room more relaxing and help users complete daily tasks such as dressing and reading. Here at TLW we offer a range of different bedroom LED [Read More…]

A guide to bathroom lighting

guide to planning bathroom lighting

Every room needs well planned lighting but the bathroom is one zone of the house that requires that extra bit of thought. There are several reasons for this: safety, style, ambience; the bathroom should be a useful and relaxing space. Get your bathroom LED lighting right and you will be able to use this room [Read More…]

Guide to avoiding lighting mistakes

Guide to avoiding lighting mistakes - limited kitchen lighting and different colour temperatures 670x670

There are many significant benefits to using LED lighting in a kitchen. One of the main reasons to ensure that lighting is installed correctly is to avoid the customer going and getting the lighting completely wrong, spoiling the overall finish of their kitchen. Here are some examples of common lighting mistakes that can be avoided. [Read More…]

What are the differences between IP rated and standard LED tape?

What are the differences between IP rated and standard LED tape?

LED tapes are fast gaining in popularity and are used to create a subtle ambiance in the home. We have already explained the uses of LED tape. Today we are going to explain the differences between IP rated and standard LED tape as well as the applications for both.   Standard LED tape Standard tape [Read More…]